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Choi Kwang Do is a unique and innovative Martial Art, offering students a comprehensive self defense system, foundations for long life, and achieving personal goals.

Commerce Choi Kwang Do School - Discipline Created by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi, Choi Kwang Do is based on the most current scientific understanding of movement to maximize power, balance and mobility making Choi Kwang Do the most effective martial arts system for today's modern society.

Commerce Choi Kwang Do is about more than punching and kicking - we are a family based school striving to teach discipline, self confidence, respect and self defense. In the process the student will become mentally and physically conditioned while learning practical self defense.

Commerce Choi Kwang Do Class
     title= Choi Kwang Do’s training methods and concepts are unique in the fitness industry. Personal development, rather than sports competition, is paramount. Exercise is known as the most important element for preventative health. However, often times exercise is practiced incorrectly, which actually leads to poorer health. Choi Kwang Do applies modern science and technology to promote optimum health and fitness as well as longevity. The integrated movement prevents deterioration of brain cells and allows for cognitive thinking and memory to improve.

Commerce Choi Kwang Do School - splits Choi Kwang Do teaches students to reduce the effects of stress. Strategies found at Choi Kwang Do include learning to use integrated movement requiring balance and coordination that assists nervous system development and function. Physical movement from earliest infancy through adulthood plays a role in the creation of nerve cell networks that are the essence of learning.

Commerce Choi Kwang Do School - Instructors As a self defense system, Choi Kwang Do utilizes practical movements and equipment training to enhance inner confidence and peace of mind. All this is taught in a non-competitive environment by instructors who care about their students. There is no sparring in Choi Kwang Do, no competitive tournaments, this allows the the instructor/student relationship to remain instructor/ student as opposed to coach/athlete. This aspect of Choi Kwang Do emphasizes the fact that we are only in competition with ourselves - to better ourselves mentally and physically at our own pace.

Commerce Choi Kwang Do School Contact us at (706) 335-7776 for more information or better yet stop by the Commerce Choi Kwang Do Dojang at 241 Pottery Factory Drive, Commerce, GA 30529 and see for yourself why Choi Kwang Do is one of the fastest growing martial arts in the world. We can also be contacted via email at info@commerceckd.com. There is no better time than right now to transform your life.

Choi Kwang Do - the fastest growing Martial Art in the World - the Martial Art for the 21st Century - the Martial Art for Your life!


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